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Tanzanite or blue zoisite with its rich violet-blue colors have made it one of the most popular colored stones in recent years. Found only in Tanzania near the town of Arusha, tanzanite is a rare gemstone irregularly available in enough quantity to meet the strong demand.  A little known fact is that zoisite comes in many different colors.

Tanzanite - R5171A

Tanzanite 3.51 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.98 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

Tanzanite - R3702A

Tanzanite 1.92 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.81 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

Tanzanite - R6205

Tanzanite 1.09 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.41 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

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