Where We Find Our Inspiration

Where do we get our inspiration to design jewelry? From the colors around us. We like to take photographs when we meander about and then find ways to capture the color essence in a piece of jewelry. That's not always that easy. But we think it is the best way for someone to express what they enjoy -- by wearing colors that reflect their own personal tastes.

Over the past decade we have seen the explosion of yoga and wellness. With these trends, some would call them (we like to think of this as an elevation of awareness), people have been looking inward and to nature to find calmness. We have seen how this has impacted the jewelry market because of the popularity of earthtones in gemstones and with rose gold. These colors complement various skin tones and make one feel more grounded, a philosophy or belief that has resonated with many over the past few years.

We don't see this awareness ending anytime soon. In light of the issues we face everyday, having the ability to take a quick look at oneself (or one's finger) and see the calming effects of a morganite set in rose gold are something to behold.

As this summer passes, Zoma Color will be looking for other colors in nature to inspire our fine jewelry designs. If you have any creative ideas, feel free to contact us at zomacolor@gmail.com.

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