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We are oftened asked where in the world the best peridot material comes from. Usually we get these questions around this time of year since Peridot is the birthstone for August. The most amazing colors of peridot come from a region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you have been watching or reading the news in, oh let's say, the last 10 years, you will say, "that's not a destination too high on the bucket list, especially now." With war and tribal conflicts in this region, mining of gemstones has been at a minimum.

Since we won't see much of this material, we turn our buying attention to Myanmar (Burma), China, USA, Africa and Australia. We most often use peridot from Myanmar which is a vivid light green and has minimal inclusions.

The rich and variant greens of peridot make it a gemstone that can serve a lighter summer wardrobe well. Every opportunity to add color to your life should be had. Shucks, it's an eco-friendly color to boot. Peridot has been thought to protect people from "night terrors" as well.

If you are all about bling, these gemstones may not be for you...but if you enjoy celebrating life by exploring our earth and seeing what she has to offer, think about peridot.

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