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Jedi Spinel

Recently we read an article about a relatively new spinel find in Myanmar. These red spinels are dubbed "jedi" spinels via a Star Wars reference that they have not been touched by "the dark side." Spinels sometimes have a dark tone within the gemstone that lessens the color and value. These jedi spinels lack the dark tone, as evidenced by their almost translucent appearance.

jedi spinel gemstones

These parcels consist of bright neon red spinels from Man Sin (left) and classic red Mogok spinels (right). Note the unmistakable difference in tone and saturation between the two parcels. Photo by Vincent Pardieu, © GIA.

Look for some of these stones to appear in our upcoming line of jewelry. We may just start with these two that we recently acquired:

red spinels gemstones

Earrings perhaps? A unique two stone ring? Thoughts? Ideas? Give our designers some ideas.

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