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Paraiba Tourmaline

With the World Cup in Brazil, we thought we would feature one of our favorite gemstones -- Paraiba Tourmaline.

True Paraiba Tourmaline comes from two areas in Brazil. Originally found in 1989 in the state of Paraiba, most of the Paraiba material today comes from neighboring Rio Grade do Norte. The rich, vivid, neon bluish-green gemstone has become one of the most sought after specimens from Brazil. It is common for inclusions to appear in the materials, but occasionally, and at great cost, one can find clean Paraiba material, like the one Zoma Color features here!

The bluish-green tourmaline has become knows as Paraiba but can be found elsewhere. "Paraiba" has been mined in Nigeria and Mozambique. Zoma Color has several unique stones in our current collection and look for new styles in rings and pendants featuring Paraiba Tourmaline - the most expensive tourmaline.

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