Garnet comes in a variety of colors and has many different varieties. However, the most widely-known color of garnet gemstones is dark red. When the term "garnet" is used, it is usually connotative of the dark red form; other color garnets are usually given more descriptive gemstone terms.  Pyrope garnet is the most common with a dark rich reddish-brown color. The original deposits of Pyrope were in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. These sources are more historical than practical, and little material comes from there today. The main Pyrope deposits are in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China, and the U.S. (Arizona and North Carolina).


Garnet - R1986A

Garnet 1.72 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.16 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

Spessartite - R5613A3

Spessartite 3.61 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.43 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

Mint Garnet - R5022A

Mint Garnet 0.91 ct ⬩ Diamond 0.42 ct ⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

Tsavorite Garnet - R6259A3

Tsavorite 1.45 ct ⬩ Diamonds 0.48 ct⬩ 18K Yellow Gold

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